The NATURAL ENERGY HEALING approach to healing and personal transformation is holistic, focusing on you as a unique, complex, dynamic being of mind, body and spirit. We are here to serve as a facilitator in your self-initiated process. Through our individual sessions & online learning, you will develop therapeutic techniques, skills, and connections that will deepen your relationship in the embodiment of your God-self. This healing work will manifest in increased energy, inner clarity, creative personal growth, health, well-being, & fulfillment in life.



Jane’s love of God-self is her passion in life, individually and wholly. Jane creates a safe, supportive environment for you as the client to connect with those places of separation within your wholeness. When a client meets for a session, they discuss personally what has called them here in the present now moment for the unfoldment of healing physically, emotionally, mentally, and/or spiritually. . At times, she will assess your energy system and it’s functioning in relationship to your physical systems. By using her kinetic sensing, listening, visually perceiving, she will read your energetic systems such as the Chakra (Aura), Haric (Intentionality) Existence (Time & space continuum), & Essential Being. Jane intuits Hands on Healing techniques, sound, & dialogue that guide your subtle energetic systems into alignment with your personal God-self. She simultaneously will guide you consciously through limiting belief systems, embracing defenses that are blocking your pathways of self expression through your body. Allowing new potentials to open up, then simultaneously the client is supported in their intelligence, consciously choosing a co-creative manifestation in their physical reality. Jane’s method of healing varies moment to moment as the clients truest self unfolds the intelligence of what is revealed.

Jane has been practicing Natural Energy Healing for 17 years in New York. In her life she has enhanced her gifts and personal development through ongoing education, learning various types of healing modalities. Jane is a graduate of Brennan International School of Healing with a BS in Energy Science & Psychology; St. John’s University BS Communications. As well as other body psychological relationship therapies such as Diamond Heart, CoreEnergetics, BioEnergetics, Hellinger Family Constellation, Continuum, Shamanic Healing. Jane is a Quantum Being Practitioner, Brennan Healing Science Practitioner, Reiki Master, Doula, Personal Development Coach, Minister, & owner of Natural Energy Healing. She looks forward to helping to guide you on your personal journey to wellness and wholeness.
To be supported by Jane you may choose among the following:

Remote Distant Healing Sessions by Phone or Skype In Person Healing Sessions, Workshops Small Groups