In- Person Healing Sessions
Remote Distance Healing Sessions
House calls/ Hospital/ Rehab Sessions
Speaking Engagements

Group Workshops

Presence in Well-Being

This ongoing class meets once a month for you to explore your own relationship with Self and God. Creating the space to deepen in conscious awareness of your true nature of being. Through group experientials led by Jane Burke and sharing our own experiences we will be healing ourselves on the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies. Creating conscious community in the process of self discovery.

Introduction to Chakra System

Learn about the basic functioning of the seven major chakras and how it relates to your body, aura, hara. Basic techniques & experiential on opening and reading your own chakra energy system. Through awareness we heal and promote health & wellness in our life. Discussion.

Body Talk

Let’s give our minds a break!!! Develop a deeper relationship with your body through energy movement, techniques, experiential exercises. Learn to connect with the energy in your human body and obtain a greater understanding of what it’s needs are. Open your cellular awareness, then learn a new communication with yourself and others. Through self-love you’ll develop stronger boundaries.

Awaken the Healer

This is part 1 of the 3 part apprenticeship healing program, designed for healers who would like to presence their own unique healing gifts through a series of experiential’s, techniques and discussion. This safe, supportive class explores and opens up your high sensory perceptions in a cellular multiuniversal way. Developing your intuition, direct knowing, visual, kinesthetic, auditory, other.

6 sessions and/or weekend workshop. Total 12 hour class