Useful Information

The Power Within

Your God within contains the power and infinite intelligence of your bodies natural healing abilities. You have the power to heal yourself. I will help you to activate & awaken your own powers of healing. Our health is directly related to the condition of our energy systems. By realigning, restructuring, clearing, and balancing your energy conscious system this creates space, flow, promotes growth & health. Letting go of old patterns, belief systems that no longer serve you allows the blocks in your system to rise to the surface to be cleared consciously in the material, physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual bodies.

We Have a Choice

In every moment we have a choice to shift and raise our consciousness to a new level of awareness. Pain is a natural mechanism the body uses to remind ourselves “our cells” that it needs attention, contact, love, or has a need to be heard. What is your body saying?

Creating Balance

Your session is uniquely designed to adhere to your personal needs in each moment. I am in service for the highest good of your soul’s journey. By creating a safe, loving environment, you can trust yourself to move into deeper awareness and discover your truest self. You will be able to develop your intentionality, gifts, strengths and love for self. All healing is completely confidential.

Energy Healing

The human body is comprised of trillions of cells that contain energy. Everything around us contains energy; the air we breathe, the chair we sit in, the food we eat, the conversations we have. Energy is a frequency or vibration that carries a pulse, such as a life pulse we transmit. In life we have traumas, experiences that block our energy system from vibrating on the frequency that it needs to be healthy. By connecting deeply with your vibration – realigning, restructuring, releasing and consciously letting go of self defeating behaviors, patterns and beliefs that keep you from self-realization- your body will welcome health, it’s a natural process. The choice is yours.