Success Stories

L.B., N.Y.

Jane, it was such a pleasure to have the session with you today. I have never had a hands on healing before. Also, no healing modality prior before ever gave me such a feeling of relief so quickly. I was feeling highly nervous when I came in; I didn’t know what to expect. I was oscillating between happy/nervous expectation, and feeling “Oh My God I’m a hopeless case After all, I have many serious addictive disorders for more than 40 years. So even though Jane comes so highly recommended by my good friend, she still might be incapable of any significant healing,” – All that was racing through my mind.

Naturally, you would have sensed my unease right off…But you quickly put my mind at ease within the first few minutes of our session. So much was revealed in the first session. First you were able, without my telling you anything of my upbringing/background, to discern the serious dysfunction in my family, naming the specific difficulty I had with each of my caregivers. Sensing my feeling unsupported, you went on to show me a method whereby I could find the support both within (the big lesson I drew today), as well as from my constantly loving and supportive Higher Power. I must say I never felt that kind of trust before. And Jane, being a gay male with a lot of “women issues” (big time!) it was no small miracle that I came to trust you so very quickly.

The best illustration of finding the power within as a result is that as soon as I left you, I noticed that what is usually a strong desire to act out on my addictions was somehow amazingly lightened – lifted, I would describe it. First time in a long time!!!!!!

I wish there was a way I could properly express my gratitude for your work with me, but I guess this little testimonial will have to serve.

J.C., N.Y.

Jane Burke is a highly evolved, awakened and deeply sensitive human being. In her healing practice, she provides an expansive space in which seekers can find themselves in relationship with their own God.

I have known Jane for many years….perhaps longer than that. During that time I’ve witnessed & experienced her “BEING” in various roles: Group Facilitator, Teacher, Healer, Singer. In each of these roles her mind is clear Consciousness…her heart is living Love…her body a brilliant Channel for our Universal God.

Her healing practice is profound & I deeply appreciate her unique gift the way a musician would appreciate fine tuning & exquisite direction. Whether in individual session or group setting, in her presence my BEING easily finds CENTER, aligns with the music of the heavenly realms, and connects with the deep vibrations of the EARTH. Re-membered. All is well.

M.C., N.Y.

Jane, I feel so fortunate to have had the benefit of your healing work. You have helped me in so many ways over the years and most recently during the aftermath of the hurricane. Having been displaced from my home, I recall feeling exhausted beyond my limits – physically, emotionally and spiritually. Soon after a brief phone call to you, I felt like I had been plugged into a battery pack, recharged on all levels instantly. A low leveled depression and anxiety persisted during this time, but after a session with you I immediately felt a shift and was finally able to sleep again at night! The work you do is transformational and I feel blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for all you do.